Lankatree - About Us

Lankatree, a digital hub for advertising services that connect buyers and sellers. It is a One-Stop site that streamlines your marketplace experience. With Lankatree, your products receive enhanced exposure, benefiting both buyers and sellers.

What We Do

Lankatree has a user-friendly interface that seamlessly connects buyers and sellers thus offering a wide range of advertising services. Our website displays visually appealing ads with accompanying pictures, thereby making it simple even for local businesses. With attractive visuals, multiple views, and advanced search capabilities, finding your desired item is made easy with Lankatree.

How Lankatree Works:

Lankatree makes buying and selling processes effortless and reliable. We offer an extensive range of products, starting from animals/pets to electronic gadgets. Our platform enables hassle-free searches for jobs, cars, bikes, mobile phones, animals, properties, and more. Lankatree also serves as the ideal platform for finding hotels, travel services, guesthouses, tourist guides, restaurants, online food orders, and other tourism-related services.

Lankatree provides a user-friendly payment system accepting methods such as PayPal, debit/credit cards, mobile payments, and more to facilitate smooth transactions. With user-friendly dashboards, browsing and posting ads is quick and straightforward. Our platform offers separate menus for pricing, location-based ad listing, and advanced searches, ensuring precise and tailored results. Sellers can also benefit from our monthly subscription pricing plans.

The first step to unlocking Lankatree’s features is to create a login account. An account allows users to post ads, receive notifications, maintain search history, and complete payment and transactions. As a buyer, you have the flexibility to browse the entire website, explore featured ads, or check out trending items. You can also conduct specific searches by specifying your desired location, pricing, category, and more.

Lankatree showcases high-quality ads with details such as product location, pricing, item condition, posting date, warranty information, and buyer safety tips. We prioritise providing a seamless and secure experience for all users.

Lankatree transforms the way you connect, buy, and sell. Join us today and experience the convenience of streamlined marketplace interactions.



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